Pop-Up Shop

First Utility

Location: T5
Promoting prepayment energy services.


Pop-Up Shop

Office of Melanie Onn MP

Location: P14 – 23/02/19 between 11am – 1pm

Constituency surgeries every fourth Saturday of the month, from 11am – 1pm, to discuss a wide range of customer concerns such as immigration, benefits, council concerns and more, with a view to resolve.



Pop-Up Shop

Grimsby Sunblinds LTD

Location: P7

A family run company that has been measuring and fitting blinds and curtains for over 20 years. Highly experienced in their trade, Grimsby Sunblinds offers free home visits to discuss the variety of blinds available, including colour, pattern and more.



Pop-Up Shop


Location: P12

Established for more than 40 years, EYG is a trusted name in home improvement. It has a long established reputation for delivering the best and industry leading products. Services include: windows, doors (including garage doors and patio doors), conservatories, lights, guttering, cladding and more.



Pop-Up Shop

Clearhill Enterprises

Location: P15

Sweet Vending Machine