Market Hall and Leisure Development

Embrace the past: look to the future

Grimsby Town Centre must respond to the challenges of today. The buildings and spaces need to evolve and become more relevant to our community. The mixture of uses should be more diverse, attracting people of all ages and giving us a reason to come back into our town centre. There will still always be a need for shopping, but our town centre needs to re-invent itself as a destination for all, offering entertainment and activities, places to eat, relax and play, which operate both in the daytime as well as into the evening and at night.  

Freshney Place provides us with an opportunity to embrace this change. North East Lincolnshire Council, as the new owners of Freshney Place, has secured millions of pounds of grant funding to transform the centre and right some of the wrongs of the past. This is a once in a generation moment to reshape our town centre and creatively regenerate a key area at the heart of Great Grimsby.   

Through careful design and planning, the Council and its partners have put together a proposal which will see a transformation at the western end of Freshney Place. At the centre of the scheme will be a new market hall, enhanced and diversified to provide a broader mixture of uses to complement traditional market retail and trading including quality new street-food operators and entertainment space. The project will deliver a brand new five-screen local cinema, operated by Parkway Entertainment Ltd, complemented by family-focused leisure, restaurants and cafes. All this will be centred around a quality new public square offering a variety of environments to sit, play and dwell, surrounded by new trees, sculpture and planting.

The architecture aims to resonate with the proud maritime history of Grimsby, returning classic building frontages of a finer grain and scale to the town centre to replace the imposing facades of the 1960s shopping centre. One of the project’s aims is to rediscover the lost streetscapes of the town centre, creating a development which locals can be proud of and one that reflects the important heritage of our town.

This web page has been created to give you the opportunity to see the plans for your town centre. The first consultation has now closed however look out for more opportunities to comment during the formal planning process.

If you require any further information, you can email 

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Scores of people visited a physical exhibition of the proposals in October, which was held in Freshney Place. Visitors were able to view displays and artist’s impressions, and speak with the project team before completing feedback forms. All these views are being considered as part of the final design process.  

There will be a further opportunity to comment on the proposals following the submission of the planning application, which is due imminently. Further scheme refinement can be made during the determination process. It is important to note that the visuals you see represent concept proposals prepared during the planning process; the planning application is timetabled for submission anytime now with a decision due in February 2023.

Project Illustrations

The following images broadly describe the proposals.


The proposed redevelopment location at the western end of Freshney Place in red: 


A plan overview of the proposed development at ground level showing the central public square with quality public realm, seating and planting with the new market hall to the east (right) and the Parkway cinema and complementary leisure and food & beverage units to the west (right). A new statement entrance will be provided for Freshney Place to the north (top) which will enter directly onto the sheltered Market Square area within the existing centre.



An aerial view of the development showing the new public square with cinema and leisure building to the west (left) and new market building to the east (right): 



A concept street view looking across the new square to the cinema and leisure building with the new Freshney Place entrance at the top of the square:



A concept street view looking north through the new square towards the new market on the east (right) and leisure building to the west (left) with the Freshney Place entrance to the north:


The proposed new market frontage along Victoria Street presenting a sequence of tall, classically proportioned arches which encourage movement and connection between the street and market interior.


Project Timeline

Below is a summary of key dates in the project timeline:

Monday 26th September 2022
– launch of digital public consultation

Monday 10th – Sunday 16th October 2022
– public exhibition at Freshney Place (Monday / Thursday / Saturday engagement opportunities with project team)

Sunday 16th October 2022
– end of public consultation and collection of feedback 

Friday 28th October 2022
– submission of Planning Application

November 2022 – January 2023
– interogation of planning application, Council Consultations and commence detailed design

February 2023
– decision reached on planning application

March 2023
– commence site setup and first phase demolition

Q3 2025
– target opening of project first phase (public realm / market / cinema)

The planning application can be viewed on the Council’s Planning Portal, with reference DM/0979/22/FUL. If you have any comments on the scheme, these can be received directly through the portal.