Mall Space

Do you want to develop an existing business?

Are you looking for valuable exposure to test your product or service?

Freshney Place offers a retail environment with an average footfall of 250,000 per week, increasing to 450,000 per week at Christmas!

We are presently able to offer a number of flexible agreements with a choice of prime locations on the mall throughout the centre at an affordable price.

For further information on letting one of our Retail Merchandising Units or promotional space within Freshney Place, please contact Michelle Chevins either by telephone 01472 253020 or e-mail



Flexible Leasing Opportunities…

For leasing and short-term occupancy opportunities on units, please contact;

Mark Proudlove
Barker Proudlove
T: 0113 388 4859
Richard Mills
Jamieson Mills
Tel: 020 7758 0053
E-mail: rjm@jamiesonmills.comJamie Simister
Tel: 020 7758 0052