Environmental Policy

Freshney Place Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Lincolnshire with an annual footfall of more than 10 million. Freshney Place covers more than 46,450 m² of high quality retail space and accounts for more than 60% of the retail provision in Grimsby town centre. First opened in the 1970’s, the centre now has over 90 shops, cafés and restaurants and over 850 car parking spaces. Shoppers travel to the centre via public transport, car or on foot.

We recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment and are committed to minimising our impacts, preventing pollution and complying with relevant legislation.
Freshney Place Shopping Centre takes actions to continually improve its environmental performance and sets objectives and targets that are monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.
We actively seek to:

  • Carry out regular maintenance and improvement programmes to ensure we operate an environmentally responsible building
  •  Minimise our use of raw materials
  • Minimise production of waste and waste sent to landfill by reusing and recycling where possible
  • Minimise our use of fuel through route planning and informing our drivers of best practice in efficient driving techniques
  • Monitor consumption of energy and water, minimise our consumption by following good practice and setting targets for reduction
  • Raise staff awareness of environmental issues and involve staff in the delivery of this policy
  • Consider the environmental impact of goods and services when purchasing and during procurement of goods and services
  • Work with others, e.g. local organisations and service providers, to maximise opportunities for improving environmental benefits

All centre staff are made aware of their individual responsibilities to take care of the environment and cooperate with the centre to fulfil its duties under Environmental Legislation and this policy. In addition Freshney Place Shopping Centre has committed to delivering this policy through the Investors in the Environment framework and Andy Barker is the designated Green Champion responsible for implementing this, with support from QSHE Champions Josh Wand and Maria Gillies.
This policy is reviewed annually and is available to our stakeholders and the public.

Signed: Amanda Austin, Centre Director
Date: 24 April 2019