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Generations Church Pantry

Posted: Wednesday 22nd February

Freshney Place Shopping Centre launches partnership with Generations Church Pantry 


Freshney Place Shopping Centre has announced a new partnership with Generations Church Pantry, to support the local community.


Generations Church Pantry is a community organisation based on the Willows Estate to bridge the gap between supermarkets and food banks. Using surplus food from supermarkets, The Pantry makes the cost of the weekly shop more affordable. The scheme operates on a membership basis, which is free to sign up to, and members can come and shop for just £4, saving approximately up to £20 per shop.


As the cost of living crisis continues, Freshney Place is inviting visitors to the shopping centre to donate food, toiletries and baby items which can be dropped off at the Customer Service Desk, near HMV.


The partnership comes under the banner of the Freshney Foundation, supporting the community and will be part of the many charitable initiatives hosted at the shopping centre throughout the year.


Amanda Austin, centre director at Freshney Place says: “With our town centre position the shopping centre has been a part of the local community for fifty years. As living costs continue to spiral we are keen to utilise our location to raise awareness of initiatives such as this and support those who are struggling to make ends meet.


“We support numerous organisations throughout the year, Generations Church Pantry stood out in its unique approach in offering access to food, in addition to their wrap around support for those in the community.”


In addition to providing food, Generations Church Pantry offer support to people such as courses on debt management through CAP and cooking lessons.


Items most needed include toiletries, baby items such as baby food and formula, dried and tinned food, cereals, tea/coffee and cordial.  These items can be taken to our Customer Service Desk, near HMV, in Freshney Place.