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Enchantmas, Magical Christmas Entertainment

Posted: Thursday 14th November

Late November and December will play host to all sorts of festive fun around Freshney Place with animated characters roaming the shopping malls to add a touch of Christmas magic.

Enchanting Roaming Unicorn
Date: 24th November and 22nd December

Watch our elegant, magical unicorn strut her stuff and wow guests of all ages. She’s adorable, super fluffy and will captivate all! She’ll wander through the shopping centre, trotting along with mystical awe.


Glamorous Christmas Tree
Date: 1st December and 21st December

Bringing Christmas to life, these very glamorous Christmas Tree’s spread fun and laughter wherever they go as they mix and mingle with shoppers.


Roaming Snow Lion & Red Queen
Date: 8th December

This majestic beast and his Red Queen will cause all to stop and stare when he visits with his regal companions. A mystical encounter that none will forget.


Stilted Fairy Godmother
Date: 14th December

Have your wish granted by the spectacular stilt walking Fairy Godmother. This vision in pink will tower above the crowd on her stilts and send magic wishes flying everywhere!


Walkabout Contact Juggling Unicorn

Date: 15th December

This mesmerising walkabout unicorn is straight from a fairy-tale. The act does stunning contact juggling where they manipulate crystal spheres which appear to float over their hands and arms like a balls of light.


Juggling Entertainment
Date: 21st November, 7th December and 23rd December

Juggling entertainment will be provided by Feet First.



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