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Freshney Place to provide shoppers with an Autism friendly hour each week

Posted: Tuesday 02nd October

We will officially launch our participation in Autism Hour this week, a national initiative from the National Autistic Society.

The campaign run by the national charity launches on 6 October and invites shops and businesses around the country to take simple steps for 60 minutes that lead to a more autism-friendly world.

We will participate in the initiative from 9am-10am every Saturday morning by turning off music in the malls, shutting down hand dryers in public bathrooms and dimming lights where possible. Our retailers are also being actively encouraged to participate in a similar way, with more retailers expected to join in every week.

Amanda Austin, our Centre Manager said: “This is a great initiative and we’re more than happy to support it. For those with autism an activity such as visiting a shopping centre might pose a considerable challenge. By taking these relatively small actions once a week we could be making a tremendous difference to someone suffering from autism.”

The Shopping centre will officially launch its autism hour on October 6th but will continue running it every Saturday morning from 9-10am.